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Sedaction – ZENA MIXSERIES NO. 89

“I think this Mix is a perfect Example of how Gender Equality still effects me. To be honest, i loved preparing this Set and i still love the tracklist but when it came to the day of recording it, everything went downhill from just not being „that“ day to technical problems leading to me getting more and more nervous about it and just nothing wanted to work the way that i wanted it to be. I was super disappointed in myself and there i catched my thought leading to some random guys hating on flinta* djs for „just getting this opportunity cause they are femme and it’s woke but actually they have no skills“. It’s exhausting to always bear this thought in the back of your mind instead of freely enjoying your time and i know so many of my flinta* colleagues do so, too. so i decided to dedicate this mix to all elitist’s and commenting-on-everything-ex-djs-who-are-not-getting-booked-and-now- they-hatin. and to all my fellow colleagues new in the game: let’s rewrite the rules and make this community everyday even more supportive.”


Phil Stroud – The Forest
Mr. G – Contrast
Mina – Meet Her Front Left
French II & King of Snake – Tribal Drum Phatrax – PRRRAH
Xavier – Ain’t Nobody ( ́94 Breaks) 8ULENTINA – Body 2
SEV DAH – Jugoslovensko Kolo Badsista – Maloca Fashion Week Malugi – Can We Still Hang
TUBZ – My Neck My Back
Sexapil – Pingers 3
Kamran – Takeoff in Tehran
Siu Mata & Amor Satyr – Acidez SHERELLE – JUNGLE TEKNAH
BAE BAE – 333 (Tinashe x BAE BAE Edit)