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Reviews 296: Warning – DJ TABLEDANCE

The Berlin based Warning functions as a mix series, label, and party crew dedicated to safe and inclusive raving and some of the artists and labels I follow most enthusiastically are associated with the collective, including, but definitely not limited to, Brothers from Different Mothers, Mirror Zone, Doom Chakra and a whole host of Salon des Amateurs related crews such as Themes for Great Cities, Aiwo, and candomblè. The record label aspect of Warning began earlier this year with the release of a white label, hand-stamped 7” containing two must have edits: one where DJ TABLEDANCE transforms Blaze’s classic “Lovelee Dae” into a hypnotic and hazy electro epic, and another from Benedikt Frey that chops and loops Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat” into a delirium vocal tapestry while stoned out basslines and crushed beats stomp through layers of feedback.

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