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OUT TODAY “MOON III” by Johannes Albert & Iron Curtis

Mission three: Iron Curtis and Johannes Albert continue their lunar LP series with another startling cosmic voyage including a docking manoeuvre from Zoot Woman ‘Moon III. Ready for take-off? Marking 11 years of collaborating together, five years since their inaugural ‘Moon I’ album and two years since the German analogue-loving duo’s sophomore trip into space ‘Moon III’ is their most ambitious and all-encompassing LP to date.

Once again a celebration of every shared passion and inspiration; this third lunar instalment rockets around their unique musical cosmos with a vibrant post-lockdown sense of adventure and freedom. Taking in elements of French house, alt-pop, Italo, electro and generous helpings of contemporary NYC disco along the way, it’s a trip that never sits still yet never loses sight of its focus. Hold on tight as we zoom from epic moments such as the Falke/Bangalter-like euphoria of ‘Enjoy’ to the Kraftwerkian contrasts and brutalism of ‘FD Kurz’, or the understated French pop and distinctive Casio CZ 3000 blasts of ‘Devoirs & Other Room’ to the tongue-in-cheek charm and sprightly Marcellus Pittman behaviour of ‘Erde’.

Elsewhere the two treat us to some of their most dramatic and theatrical compositions so far with the light-to-dark voyage ‘Paradise (Visions ’98)’ and their exceptional collaboration with the eminent popsters Zoot Woman ‘Something Unique’. A vital and emotional pop jewel in the cosmic crown, it’s a sign that the duo’s small steps are becoming giant leaps with every album. With plenty more to explore along the way, this is a trip you’ll never want to end… And a trip that we hope continues in the future. Gute Reise und auf Wiedersehen.

Adam Carter, March 2022 credits