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Coco Cobra / Mjut, Leipzig

!¡ Futuro Grande – 27.05.22 • 23:00 ¡!

Stella Zekri
Niklas Wandt b2b Simas Slabačiauskas [Opium Club]
Alto Bloom [ mjut ]
Maik [ mjut ]

Coco Cobra [soft spot]
Cyan85 [Curtis Electronix / Habibi Bass]
Dj Detox live! [mjut / R.A.N.D. / Clear Memory / FTP]

futuro grande is back for the next installment. this time there will be little to rest, but way more to dance. they will divide the club into two musical dance-directions.

on the FUTURO DANCE floor the berlin based mjut resident Alto Bloom will open the evening. like a colorful cocktail she does exactly what she does best: mixing. afterwards Stella Zekri will follow. known for her trippy style, between balearic, triphop and house. and next month? check out her brand new release. Niklas Wandt and Simas Slabačiauskas will ignite a firework of emotions and steer the caravan towards the oasis. your person for the end and we are sure you already knew it: your host Maik

upstairs, breakbeats are the main theme. Coco Cobra directly from the not so well known dance metropolis hanover starts the engine on the BROKEN FEETS floor. following, resident Dj Detox will play one of his rare live sets. better don’t miss it. magic hands Cyan85 also puts his fingers on the knobs to clean up and complete this night.

Collage by Maik
Layout by Alex Brade

please note:
• no photos and videos!
• stay at home if you experience any symptoms of illness or have been in contact with people who have sars-cov-2.
• condition for admission is a negative certified daily corona test. a valid identity document must be carried for comparison
• you can get tested in our testing facility at the entrance of the lagerhofstraße
• check our telegram channel for recent information

sponsored by the federal government commissioner for culture and the media (BKM), initiative musik gGmbH within the framework of neustart kultur.

please respect the boundaries of others and take care of your own. people who discriminate against others based on their origin, appearance, sexual orientation, gender, or anything else are not welcome.

Johannes Albert / Watergate

Planet B: Biesmans, Cosmic Cherry, Diogo Accioly, Dusky, Echonomist, Johannes Albert

No Pre-Sale. Tickets only at the door!

WARCC03 by Various Artists incl. Coco Cobra vs. Vicious Viper
WARNING proudly like to present the first full on Various Artists compilation on one of their beloved media – Music Cassette. They collected bits of bouncing Electro, celestial Trance, fluid Breakbeats and in between for heavy rotation and impact on the dance floors of today and tomorrow. Dig out your walkman and activate the Mega Bass, or clean the tape heads of your deck with a Q-Tip and press the Dolby button. The hiss is calling. Full force Warning experience copied to magnetic tape to represent the retro future sound of Berlin on two sides.
The physical release, in form of C60 cassette tape, limited to 100 copies will follow in the next weeks, exclusively available at our Bandcamp shop.
Artwork by Atelier Superplus
Mastering by Behrang Mohammadi

OUT TODAY “MOON III” by Johannes Albert & Iron Curtis

Mission three: Iron Curtis and Johannes Albert continue their lunar LP series with another startling cosmic voyage including a docking manoeuvre from Zoot Woman ‘Moon III. Ready for take-off? Marking 11 years of collaborating together, five years since their inaugural ‘Moon I’ album and two years since the German analogue-loving duo’s sophomore trip into space ‘Moon III’ is their most ambitious and all-encompassing LP to date.

Once again a celebration of every shared passion and inspiration; this third lunar instalment rockets around their unique musical cosmos with a vibrant post-lockdown sense of adventure and freedom. Taking in elements of French house, alt-pop, Italo, electro and generous helpings of contemporary NYC disco along the way, it’s a trip that never sits still yet never loses sight of its focus. Hold on tight as we zoom from epic moments such as the Falke/Bangalter-like euphoria of ‘Enjoy’ to the Kraftwerkian contrasts and brutalism of ‘FD Kurz’, or the understated French pop and distinctive Casio CZ 3000 blasts of ‘Devoirs & Other Room’ to the tongue-in-cheek charm and sprightly Marcellus Pittman behaviour of ‘Erde’.

Elsewhere the two treat us to some of their most dramatic and theatrical compositions so far with the light-to-dark voyage ‘Paradise (Visions ’98)’ and their exceptional collaboration with the eminent popsters Zoot Woman ‘Something Unique’. A vital and emotional pop jewel in the cosmic crown, it’s a sign that the duo’s small steps are becoming giant leaps with every album. With plenty more to explore along the way, this is a trip you’ll never want to end… And a trip that we hope continues in the future. Gute Reise und auf Wiedersehen.

Adam Carter, March 2022 credits