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Urlaub in der Rampagne
Keine Karibik, kein Meer, Balkonien auch schon verblüht?
Maske auf und durchgeatmet, denn dieser Sommer wird noch atemberaubend. Schakltours haben lange an einem passenden Konzept gearbeit und ihre neue Gruppenreise entführt euch in die unverfälschte Natur der Rampagne. Ihr gebt dem Pferd die Sporen und eure Haare wehen im Wind, ihr galoppiert mit 1,5m Mindestabstand über die duftenden Wiesen. Und steht die Sonne hoch am Horizont, macht ihr eine kurze Pause im Schatten der Bäume. Genießt die Gastfreundschaft und den respektvollen Umgang der Einheimischen, während euch die fach- und ortskundigen Reiseleiter*innen gerne in die Gepflogenheiten der Kultur einweihen.
Die Rampagne erwartet euch…

1.Eintritt ist kostenfrei
2.Vorherige Online-Registrierung
3.Keine Mehrfachregistrierung
4.Kein Einlass ohne: Online Registrierung, Personalausweis (Reisepass + Meldebescheinigung), Corona Formular (im E-Mail Anhang)
5.Limitierte Anzahl an Teilnehmer*innen
6.Ticketlink Online ab Dienstag, 18.08.2020, 12 Uhr
Wir freuen uns auf einen wunderschönes Wochenende mit euch.
In order of appearance
Bebe Beat Match

Crābs & Crémant

Black Mirror Park / Affective Sauna
Reka Zalan
Flavia Laus
Lisa Filou
Cristian Marras
Ring & Dorf
Diana May

Sleazy J

Bonnie Ford
Philipp Schultheis
Tobi Tastic
Gina Sabatini


Ralli & Hanso
Fuchur – ɹǝqüɟdoʞ
Sub:Ohdus B2B Eigudewie
Frida Darko


MARIABUCHEN from Johannes Albert is out today

The album was inspired by memories of the Spessart region in Bavaria, but later produced in Berlin. This contradiction served as a blueprint for this video loop series. The Spessart becomes a fragile longing place in the middle of Berlin. A bark of a 130-year old Sycamore tree and swaying pines on the sidewalk, wild flowers in a park or the glimpse of a church spire behind the trees create a fake Spessart tune. The entrance to a park becomes the edge of the woods and the public water fountain turns into a sweeping stream. Sometimes blurry images, filmed on MiniDV camera, are looking for moments of nature in the city and question the concept of memory itself.

Video series by Felix and Julian Moser Filmed on MiniDV camera

Music by Johannes Albert

Johannes Albert - Mariabuchen

ELSE Support
Else opens her doors for a special event this sunday. A “club supporter only” party with ATA, Johannes Albert, Peak & Swift and Cryptofauna will take place 🥳 If you were lucky enough to buy a ticket upfront to support ELSE & Renate, this is your call!
In order to protect all guests and employees, Else implemented hygiene measures and asks everyone to comply with the rules. The number of guests is limited. THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC EVENT!

DJ Swagger & LUZ1E = DJ DOOM

DJ Swagger and LUZ1E team up to present you DJ DOOM, a collaboration project set in (post-)apocalyptic sceneries and theme-based productions. DJ DOOM will appear in all sorts of horrific predicaments to fight his way out. This time he got abducted by evil extra-terrestrials which were attracted by his spaced out beats. Will he ever come back home? What will he do to fight back those aliens??

Release Date: September 25, 2020

Renate Podcast 072 – Longhair

This episode of Renates Podcast series by Longhair aka Marko & Bene is the perfect soundtrack for the summer of 2020.
With clubs being closed this mix showcases the softer side of dance music, perfect for a day at the lake.

Johannes Albert – Selected Remixes

Dear Johannes is a remix machine and here comes a playlist with his remix contributions for Get Physical, Permanent Vacation, Frank Music, Claptrap, Pets Recordings and many more…

Marlon Hoffstadt – Mantra Of A New Life

New video from Bileam Tschepe for Marlon Hoffstadt’s “Mantra Of A New Life” track, that was the opener of his album “Planet Love”.