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Alpodrom 2021 with LUZ1E, NVST and many more….


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“It is our vision to bring Swiss artists together across cantonal borders and to create a space for exchange and networking. We are convinced, it is time for a multi-day music and arts festival that expands and illuminates the electronic music and arts scene in Switzerland. An art and music festival, as sustainable as possible, on an abandoned industrial site at the foot of the Glarus Alps, with a friendly atmosphere and a selected programme. A festival that represents the diversity of this scene and is able to radiate beyond borders. We are a team of friends with different stories and backgrounds in the music, art and club scene. Organized as a collective, which does not define success by commercial factors, but offers a platform for exchange, rapture and the celebration of a common idea for a fleeting moment.”

Philipp Schultheis – Intrinsische Motivation

Philipp recorded six each one hour-long mixes called “Intrinsische Motivation” and uploaded them on soundcloud. It’s a bouqet of different vibes, from super laidback homelistening to Philipps signature cosmic disco synthesizer sound. In the next weeks he will be posting a tracklist daily including a picture of what keeps him motivated during Corona stagnation. Check out his instagram or facebook:


OUT NOW: Radical Optimism by LUZ1E

“If we could describe LUZ1E’s music with one word, it would certainly be »eclectic«. Having drawn influence from her brother’s collection of Chicago and New York House, the Frankfurt-born producer has learnt to manifest her learnings into a fresh take on the seminal sound. Following her success on labels such as Lobster Theremin, Shall Not Fade, Goddess Music, we are very excited to present her four track EP for VOITAX – Radical Optimism.

The opener »Transition« lays down LUZ1E’s law, featuring headstrong drum work, matched with equally menacing bass arpeggios. If the theme of apocalypticism wasn’t obvious enough from the opening track’s looming pads, it will become apparent with Electronic Warfare. Served up on electro’s trustworthy chassis, we watch the distorted arpeggios unfold as the tension of the pads guide us to an dystopian finale. On the flip, the title track »Radical Optimism« uses shrill pad pressure to break the track’s dreamy opening sequence – as the modulating bass provides plenty of frequencies for the dance floor. The closing track, »Emotional Intelligence« provides a candid looking glass into the producer’s musical influences. LUZ1E’s knack for emotive pads furnish the track’s uplifting structure with class, as breaks and bass deliver us to a tender climax.” – Voitax

Moon II Remixes Pt. I by Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert

2021 here we go: Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert’s second longplayer „Moon II“ gets a remix treatment by I:Cube & Benjamin Fröhlich. When talking I:Cube it’s hard to avoid superlatives. The french maestro is surely in your favorite producers top 3 producers list. Nicolas Chaix delivers the goods since the mid 90s. From inventing French House (see „Disco Cubizm“ with the help of Daft Punk for reference) over the massive 12“ dancefloor-madness of „Prophetization“ to the perfect warmup track „Falling“ he manufactures dance music that is unpretentious, classy and most of all: eternal. He twists „Hurting“ in a heartfelt way. File under Melancholic House. For the hard working DJ – Bonus Beat included. The second remix is delivered by good mate Benjamin Fröhlich of Permanent Vacation fame. He turns „Nektar“ into a frenzy acid disco smash. Now? Relax. Dancing is for later.

Release Date January 8, 2021

LUZ1E / Rinse FM

Altered States mix via Rinse France with LUZ1E & Lawrence Lee is online!


On the occasion of reaching catalogue number 50, Uncanny Valley put together a compilation series with seven colorful parts that feature new tracks by artists associated with UV as well as new additions to their family.

Since UV have always attached importance to a profound artwork that matches the music, the design also played an important role in preparing these compilations. This time, they worked together with the Leipzig artist duo Doppeldenk. Although there were already loose connections before, this was their first proper collaboration. Marcel and Andreas designed seven colorful covers based on their label name and even blessed them with their very own font. As the icing on the cake, they produced a silk-screen printed box together with the local manufactory


– Silk-screen printed record box with artwork by Doppeldenk and produced in cooperation with the local manufactory It has space for the whole ALL COLOURS ARE BEAUTIFUL (aka UV050) compilation series or any other records you want to keep as a treasure. It holds a maximum of eighteen (18) 12inch records with spined sleeves.

– All 7 Uncanny Valley 50 records

– Hand numbered inlay

– White T-Shirt with label typo by DOPPELDENK on chest. Silk-screen printed on fair and sustainably produced B&C shirts in cooperation with the local manufactory