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Longhair – A Brief (Alternative) History of Eurodance – Stamp the Wax

Eurodance is a misunderstood genre, it’s not all Whigfield, Corona and cheesy vocals. Originating in the late 1980s, it commonly fuses elements of Hi-NRG, house music and euro disco, often with melodic vocals and euphoric synths. It’s a genre you can’t really pigeonhole, often a singular production element being what lends a track the title Eurodance.

These influences have played a part in the way Berlin-based duo Longhair approach their productions and their DJ sets. For the Salon Zur Wilden Renate residents there are always “unusual things to discover” in the arrangements of a Eurodance record. The lack of being able to cipher these songs into a specific genre is an interesting quality, something the duo break down as they chart a brief history of the genre between the years of 1989 and 1992…

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Johannes Albert – Spotify

Groove Theory added Johannes Albert’s track “116 Pilgrim Street” to their playlist on Spotify 🚁

Check out his artist page and listen to his tracks online.

Bordello Radio #35 – Longhair

Bordello a Parigi is back with another episode this time we welcome the duo Longhair from the Wilde Renate family in Berlin. They’ve released their self-titled debut EP on Bordello last winter and are up with a new treat ‘Mangostine’ on their very own Renate Schallplatten this week. The perfect time to celebrate with this DJ mix. Enjoy!

‘From the murky depths of Berlin comes a monster, a wicked beast with two
heads, a strange penchant for house music and the bizarre. Longhair is the duo made up of Marko aka Homeboy and Bene from Peak & Swift who have begun to amass interest and intrigue as a production outfit. There is an unholy amount of musical ammunition ready to be unleashed upon the innocent world and it’s bloody great. There are a lot of influences from all kinds of genres in Longhair,
it can be 80’s influenced with the synth sounds, the beats are more influenced by Italian dream house of the 90’s, but it has its own vibe now. They really developed a sound of their own, a version of house music that is groovy and danceable but not stressful – with a progressive approach and a softer attitude.
Anyway, as well known figures in the Berlin musical community they built a foundation upon which they will grow…’

Marlon Hoffstadt @ ELSE Club

This is the live recording of Marlon Hoffstadt’s set at the beautiful open air club Else. It was the opening party for the upcoming season 🌻

Longhair EP Release Event at OYE

Tante Renate invites you to celebrate the new release on Renate Schallplatten.
Dear Longhair’s EP “Mangostine” is out now and OYE Kreuzkoelln will host a little Instore Showcase 🎉

Swing by for a beer, listen to great music and grab a copy of the record!

Link to listen to the Remix of Axel Boman :

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On Board:
Michal Zietara

Come early, stay longhair!