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Dresden-based label Uncanny Valley has been a purveyor of high quality, forward-thinking releases over the past decade, propped up by a four-piece, or four-man rather, Soundsystem that is just as enterprising when governing dancefloors in various b2/3/4b conjunctions. Since coming together back in 2009, Albrecht Wassersleben, Carl Suspect, Conrad Kaden and Philipp Demankowski have kept their label and DJ quartet in tact, juggling regular lives by day, running everything UV at night, treading the waves of electronic music over the years and always figuring out a way to move forward, together. Whether as Uncanny Valley Soundsystem or as individual artists, Albrecht, Carl, Conrad and Philipp are full of knowledge and ideas, and when asked about clubbing, AI, Dresden, human interaction among other topics, the boys have plenty of interesting things to say.

Cybernetic Movements by LUZ1E

International Chrome is delighted to welcome Luz1e to the roster with her first full release for the label, Cybernetic Movements EP.

4 unstoppable body jacking electro weapons, programmed for one mission; to save every rave from total annihilation.

WARNING – ‘Seismic Shift’ from this EP will almost certainly distract you from whatever you are doing, and have you daydreaming of your favourite neighbourhood dancefloor.

Come with us if you want to dance…

Release Date: September 30, 2020

Music & Production by Luzie Seidel
Mastered by Brendan Zacharias at Cirrus Audio
Artwork by CMDP

Robert Johnson Lifesaver 4 Compilation

Young talents and seasoned companions have paid their musical tribute in order to celebrate RobertJohnson’s twenty-first year, and to commemorate the sabresonic Captain Andrew Weatherhall now resting in his paradise. The tracks on this compilation—spread over a sumptuous box set of five vinyls or, mind you, as heavy weight digital files—are the acetates for the future of the Robert Johnson Club. At times balearic, discoid, dubby, eccentric, energetic, haunted, lush and raw; in any genre, they all make the most of it.

Johannes Albert contributed a track to this 5*12″ Mega Vinyl Box entitled “Shattered Dreams”. Along with Perel, Benjamin Fröhlich, Portable aka Bodycode, Panthera Krause, Roman Flügel, Axel Boman and many many more.

Lifesaver 4 is to be released on Friday, 9 October. For snippets and presale options:

13 Years Wilde Renate x Else

Even in this difficult year for Renate & everyone else around the world they want to celebrate 13 Years Wilde Renate. Happy to still be able to invite everyone to party at Wilde Renate & Else during the current circumstances and rules.

(18-22h, tickets (3€) at the door only)

Daniel Wang


FRIDAY 18.9 @ ELSE (14-22h)

Young Marco

(15-22h, tickets (3€) at the door only)

Johannes Albert


Marc Brauner

SATURDAY 19.9 @ ELSE (14-22h)




Roza Terenzi

Marlon Hoffstadt

(15-22h, tickets (3€) at the door only)




SUNDAY 20.9 @ ELSE (14-22h)





S Ruston

In order to protect all guests, employees and artists, we kindly ask everyone to comply with the following hygiene measures:

– You need to wear a mask or similar at all times (yes, also on the dance floor), only take it off when sitting at a table and with your group.
– No smoking on the dance floor.
– When queuing at the bar or toilet please keep 1,5m distance.
– Wash your hands as often as possible.
– Registration on the door required via QR code and email (please bring your smartphone).
– Your temperature will be checked on the door.
– If you feel unwell or have high temperature, please stay home.

Radio On Vacation With Philipp Schultheis

Happy Monday! Next up on Permanen Vacations “Radio On Vacation” series is Philipp Schultheis

If you went out in Berlin you probably heard him play already one of his mesmerizing sets between italo, proto house and dance music blue prints throught the centuries. So get your nrg up for the week with his 2 hours power workout.

Johannes Albert – Spessart

“Spessart” ist out now!

The Spessart with its presence of extended woodlands is widely known for its legends, ghost stories and fairytales. Thus, the tale of Snow White may have originated in the Spessart heartlands, with the town of Lohr pushing forward a substantial case for being the home and inspiration for the main characters and elements like the magic mirror. Now let us return to innocence: Spessartraeuber Johannes Albert goes beatless for the first time over this 8 tracker. You may hear the rhythm of nature. Crystal clear bell sounds sit next to warm pads, bird song and even his own voice add to the peaceful piece. Heavenly strings approach guilt free piano sounds while blameless digital choirs whistle along. Music for dreams basically. File under New Age. Are you in?

Illustration & Design: Jana Marei
Video series by Felix and Julian Moser
Filmed on MiniDV camera