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Coco Cobra at Fuchsbau Festival

Fuchsbau Festival 2022 x Gegen die Zeit

Over the past ten years, Fuchsbau Festival has created a space for artistic adventures and the mutual exploration of social issues. For three days in August, performances and installations meet the sound of electronic music and futuristic pop, films, literature and discussions. This edition is defined by international artists and thinkers, who break the definitions of their genres and jolt our perception of time as we know it.

LINEUP: aua&angst AUCO Authentically Plastic Ayodamola Okunseinde Coco Cobra DJ MELL G Duygu Ağal Felice Fuffifufzich Giant Swan Greata human margareeta Hendrik Bolz Keyk LOUNGE JASSS Marina Herlop Metaraph ML Buch Minh Duc Pham Mykki Blanco MUXXXE Nalan Sedef Adasi Shaka Lion Sinthujan Varatharajah slimgirl fat Dr. Moira Pérez 4-Stunden-Liga Yowlandi and many more….

Endorphin Refill by Johannes Albert

Sometimes all it takes to make a floor go wild is very basic. Right? This is where we would like to introduce our summer song “Endorphin Refill”: Another 909 Beat, an enforcing bassline, some warm pianoish chords and specks of acid. Epic break? Check! Now can I get that refill pleeease?

Out today!

LUZ1E / HÖR May 31 / 2022

1/ Drexciya – Intro
2/ @animisticbeliefs – Margiela Face Mask
3/ @cyan__85 – Blueshifiting Galaxies
4/ @dynarec_speakwave – Re-Automated
5/ @nitefleit – Usual Suspects (D.Tiffany remix)
6/ @fastgraph01 – Evasion
7/ Dynarec – Archeologist Assassin
8/ Negroni Nails – Slow Motion Drip
9/ @assemblercode + @alex.jann – Humanoid Future
10/ LUZ1E – Draw The Line
11/ Negroni Nails – Vertical Slice
12/ @defekt__ + Extrawelt – Field Day
13/ @sans1bar – Meri
14/ LUZ1E – Sensitivity feat. DALO (@daloworks )