LUZ1E aka DJ TABLEDANCE – Sævi Agency


Lobster Theremin

Luzie was born and raised in Frankfurt am Main where she grew up with a lot of music, books and warmth around her. At the age of 16 her brother introduced her to the whole realm of electronic music and she started to dig New York House, early US Garage and Detroit
electro and Techno, which to this day are her greatest musical influences.

Her own productions are quite simple in their structure, but versatile in regard to what impact them, as she draw her inspiration from everything she listened to: Indie, Funk, New Wave, Jungleto just name a few.

She values authenticity and integrity which translates into her taste in music as well . I big aspect for her is to know here music comes from and acknowledge the roots.

Where music is coming from why she also thinks it’s important to know where the music is coming from, learning about and acknowledging the roots.