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Arno Lemons

OYE Records, Vice City, Lemonade

When life gives you lemons they say… well, what if there Arno Lemons?

The 25 year old piece of fruit is quite unknown to the Berlin scene but as a fresh member of
the OYE Records team, he surely is making an impressive entrance to the concrete island.
Back in Belgium, Arno has built for the past 8 years a solid reputation, both as deejay as
promoter and could be called an urban myth or one of the countries’ best kept secrets behind
the wheels of steel. His legendary Vice City parties have brought a new found disco fever to
Antwerp in the past years and caught the eye of many European bookers, earning him sets in
Croatia, Albania, France, England, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium, as well as a
residency on the very cool Brussels’ Kiosk Radio.

Besides that, Arno runs his Lemonade label with passion and taste, releasing good stories
instead of flat bangers. His deejay sets are eclectic, ecstatic and full of love, weaving from disco
to house, funk to soul, afro to electro and other exoticisms. He surely surprises you like no one
else can with mostly rare, unheard or forgotten tracks. His aura behind the decks is sacrificial,
like a shaman ritual. With extraordinary moves and unbelievable mixes he gives every listening
ear and seeing eye the necessary dose of vitamins, pleasure and positive energy, ideal for any
dance floor – for every crowd.