ART:CAST SPECIAL & INTERVIEW : Uncanny Valley – Sævi Agency


Dresden-based label Uncanny Valley has been a purveyor of high quality, forward-thinking releases over the past decade, propped up by a four-piece, or four-man rather, Soundsystem that is just as enterprising when governing dancefloors in various b2/3/4b conjunctions. Since coming together back in 2009, Albrecht Wassersleben, Carl Suspect, Conrad Kaden and Philipp Demankowski have kept their label and DJ quartet in tact, juggling regular lives by day, running everything UV at night, treading the waves of electronic music over the years and always figuring out a way to move forward, together. Whether as Uncanny Valley Soundsystem or as individual artists, Albrecht, Carl, Conrad and Philipp are full of knowledge and ideas, and when asked about clubbing, AI, Dresden, human interaction among other topics, the boys have plenty of interesting things to say.